Tomichi Creek Natural Beef

At Tomichi Creek Natural Beef, we sell all natural, 100% grass-fed beef. Our cattle are raised on Tomichi Creek in Gunnison County, and are fed grass raised on our ranch.  We process our beef at USDA certified and inspected Scanga Meats in Salida, Colorado, just over Monarch Pass. Our cattle are not subjected to a stressful experience when they are sent to processing, they are fed on pasture, are not finished with grain,  and do not receive antibiotics or hormones.

Tomichi Creek cattle are raised by the Peterson family on upper Tomichi Creek in Gunnison County.  We raise limousin /angus cross cattle which means our beef is tender and delicious with just the right amount of fat content.  Our calves are born in the late winter and early spring, so they do not reach an adequate weight or age for slaughter until they are at least a year and a half in age.  In other words – local beef is seasonal.  This means that local cattle become available for processing or sale starting in the fall of each year .  Our inventory will be managed to try and keep a variety of cuts available throughout the year, but the availability of locally raised natural beef for retail is dependent on the age of the cattle and the availability of processing.

The Local MarketYou can purchase our beef at several locations including The Local Market in Gunnison, Colorado.

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